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We help people find apartments who have:

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and Felonies.

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You tell us what you are looking for and what your issues are.

Then our Research Department hand selects the apartments that will work with you.

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Second Chance Apartment Leasing in Corpus Christi, TX

If you have bad credit or you have a history that includes previously committed crimes, broken leases, or evictions, how do you find housing in Corpus Christi, TX? There are some apartments that are open to you, but they can be difficult to find. That’s why Second Chance Lease wants to help you. We offer second chance apartment leasing and can help you find your next living space, no matter your history.


What to Know About Second Chance Leasing

Every apartment complex is different and has different criteria for their vacancies and tenants. Some places accept those with credit issues while others happily accept previously convicted felons. We know the apartments throughout Corpus Christi, TX, so instead of losing your money in different application fees, turn to us.

Once you’ve submitted your information to us, we’ll create a custom list of potential apartments for you. We handpick the apartments that fit your situation. Once you have your list, we stay in touch and help you through your search. Our only goal is to help you find the perfect home.


How Our Process Works

We provide completely free services for you. All you have to do is input your information and get your personalized list of apartments. However, because the apartments pay us for our services, you must tell them that we sent you.

Once the apartment pays us, we’ll pay you a cash rebate as a thank you